BACK Date 10.11.2020

SOPRONEM and its “Air intérieur contrôlé” approach (Indoor Air Controlled)

Numerous studies show that the indoor air we breathe, polluted by all kinds of substances, accelerates the health risks for humans.

Committed, for several years, to an ecological approach and increasingly concerned about the health and well-being of its customers, SOPRONEM has wished to go further by offering everyday products that are “safer” for health and “cleaner” for the environment.

The “Air Intérieur Contrôlé” (Indoor Air Controlled) certification - an international label informing the consumer about the emission of products into the indoor air - seemed to us the most suitable to reflect our commitment.

Our desire to offer healthy products has been accelerated by the global health crisis that we are all facing, which has considerably “boosted” consumption and highlighted a real demand for ecological cleaning products.

Air intérieur contrôlé

Our R&D, strong of its expertise and know-how, has formulated and developed a whole “green” and “natural” range to respond to this awareness and to try to minimise the impact on health. The choice of the products range was initially based on references used on a daily basis: dishwashing liquid, rinse aid, liquid detergent, multi-purpose.

In order to give the best possible visibility to the shopper when making a purchase and to communicate in complete transparency, it seemed obvious to us that labelling would be the best way of proving our commitment and of giving a clear sign of identification to the consumer.

From our point of view, the “Air Intérieur Contrôlé” (Controlled Indoor Air) label best meets our wishes and expectations, as it guarantees the consumer the best possible information on the emission of products into the indoor air and their toxicity.

We have therefore submitted our formulas to the Experts of this label and requested their certification.

We are proud and delighted to announce that, following these analyses, our four references have obtained the highest score with an A+ certification.

Air intérieur contrôlé

“This notation allows you to indicate to the consumer that the risk of toxicity by inhalation is very low and meets all indoor air quality standards and recommendations”.

Through this new certification, SOPRONEM:

  • reinforces and proves the real will of its approach

  • improves its range by offering healthier products

  • differentiates itself from the market and positions itself vis-à-vis the consumers

  • anticipates future regulations