BACK Date 13.11.2020

EMAS: The EU premium label successfully introduced at the Greven site

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the world´s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. Only those organizations that meet the strict requirements of the European EMAS regulations are awarded the EMAS logo. As part of their commitment to systematically improve their environmental performance, EMAS participants must have themselves audited annually by, among others, government-appointed independent environmental auditors.

The Greven site has now also been successfully validated according to the EMAS environmental regulation at the beginning of July 2020. When it comes to corporate environmental responsibility, we at SOPRONEM Greven GmbH set an important example. The EMAS validation will in future replace our certifications according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy management) which we have already had for many years.


“We are very pleased about this success, which we could achieve with the successful implementation. This means that we will also be able to meet our premium standards in the area of environment and sustainability and thus also fulfill the requirements of an increased sustainability and environmental awareness of our customers. The strategic environmental program at the Greven site was agreed over a decade ago and has been continuously developed since then,” said Managing Director Pilar Fernandez Lopez on the occasion of the successful validation according to EMAS.

“We see the EMAS validation as a sustainable instrument to voluntarily, autonomously and continuously improve the operational environmental protection as well as the environmental impact generated by the company on a voluntary basis”, added Frank Kiewit and Tobias Henke, initiators of the EMAS project. The main components of the environmental program include measures for active energy management, improvement in the use of raw materials and continuous optimization of water management.


In concrete terms, the energy and drinking water requirements at the Greven site have been significantly reduced in recent years. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced through the use of certified 100% green electricity. The use of treated industrial water from the city of Greven as well as the reduction of waste and the use of environmentally friendly disposal options, especially the recyclability of used packaging, are further criteria of the sustainability strategy.

The effects of our business activities on the environment are systematically balanced in order to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of resource-saving measures. The targets set are monitored regularly and corrective measures are initiated if necessary. Finally, in the annual EMAS environmental statement, we explain to the public what we have achieved in environmental protection and where there is still need for action to bring about ecologically and economically sustainable improvements.

Registration in the central EMAS register took place on 19.08.2020 EMAS