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Active participation of employees ensures sustainable success

A functioning management system, in which employees and staff can actively participate, is one of the most effective methods of understanding one´s own procedures, optimizing processes, saving resources and energy and continuously developing the company.

At the Greven site we introduced a management system for quality (ISO 9001:1994) as early as the mid-1990s. At the same time, this was the groundwork for a development that has now lasted for more than 25 years towards our holistic management system for quality, hygiene, environmental protection, energy and occupational health and safety. In the beginning, the main focus was on ensuring a constant product quality, but gradually the orientation was adapted to the changing market requirements. In order to meet our own demands, the requirements of our customers and the increasing interest of the end users, the focus in the management system is increasingly shifting towards sustainability.

“At SOPRONEM sustainability means to consider environmental factors equally with social and economic aspects”

Frank Kiewit, Head of Management Systems at SOPRONEM Greven GmbH

We support the pilot company SUSTAYN from Essen as a practice partner, with which companies can initiate sustainable actions and projects according to the crowdfunding principle. Gamification motivates employees to participate, while at the same time giving them room for maneuver and creative freedom, thus enabling them to actively shape sustainability. The topics are based on the UN sustainability goals and include measures in the areas of environmental and climate protection, mobility and social commitment. The app-based platform is currently under construction.

“The personal and individual commitment of our employees is particularly important for achieving our set goals. We see the project as an opportunity to creatively integrate the experience and expertise of the employees in their everyday work.”

Tobias Henke, SOPRONEM contact person for SUSTAYN

Currently, the app is under development. SOPRONEM is already fully involved as a practice partner! Further information about the SUSTAYN project: SUSTAYN
A.I.S.E. Charter

Already with the takeover of the Greven location by SOPRONEM Greven GmbH it was decided to become an active member of the voluntary sustainability initiative of our industry. Since the beginning, we have been supplying figures, data and facts for the sustainability indicators to the headquarters of the A.I.S.E. Charter. We are convinced that our activities contribute to the fact that a broad public can continuously inform itself about our contribution to the protection of the environment. Our commitment is reflected, among other things, in the Initiative´s report year after year.

Further information about the A.I.S.E. Charter