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SOPRONEM is committed to ESAT – Les ateliers caravelle

Since 2018, SOPRONEM Nemours has strengthened its partnership with the Ateliers Caravelle by integrating on a daily basis two workers with disabilities into its teams.

Zoom on… Les ateliers caravelle

In Nemours, Seine-et-Marne region, the Ateliers Caravelle, created in 1973, now welcomes 119 disabled workers, recognized as disabled by the MDPH. The worker is admitted to the structure after having completed a discovery training course and expressed his or her desire to work there. 30 professional supervisors accompany them on a daily basis

  • To allow access to a professional life for people with temporary or permanent disabilities, who are unable to carry out a professional activity in the ordinary environment, thanks to a structure and adapted working conditions

  • To participate in the development of their overall autonomy for a better integration in social life

  • To develop with the persons we welcome, an individual project in which they are players

  • To allow those who have the capacity to do so, to integrate the ordinary work environment thanks to an adapted support.

Working activities
  • Subcontracting: enveloping, mailings, labeling, filming, packing in cartons or bags, small mechanical assemblies, recovery of non-conforming production

  • Perfume packing with a production of 1 000 bottles and 6 000 samples/day

  • Manufacturing pallets (wood), custom-made trays, ranging from unit production to larger series (about 700 pallets/day).

  • The maintenance of parks and gardens, the creation of environment, the plantations for a clientele of companies, local authorities and individuals.


Production is not a goal in itself but more a pedagogical tool and an activity that creates a ritualised and reassuring framework. Work tasks are sufficiently diversified to allow each worker to find his or her own place within a set of activities. Although the economic activity of the company must achieve a certain level of profitability (in order to pay the direct remuneration of the workers and to maintain its production facilities), the establishment remains above all a medico-social structure.